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Kian Cord Company is the first Iranian company to produce tire cord fabric, with capacity of 6000 metric tons per year.

Tire cord fabric is a reinforcement used as an essential tire ingredient in tire structure.  The material can be of nylon 6, nylon 6,6, polyester, or rayon. 

The factory is located at kilometer 22 of Arak road, in city of Malayer, province of Hamedan, I.R. Iran.




In 1992, the company established as “ Alyaf e Sanati “ with corporation of tire manufacturing companies of Iran.  The company started as one dip unit with capacity of 8800 metric tons per year.

In 1995, the company was acquired by “Poor Foundation”

In year 2000 the joint venture of Kordsa and local share holders acquired the company and added the “twisting and weaving unit” with capacity of 5500 per year. The name changed to: “ Kian Kordsa, pjs”.  With Kordsa know how, and membership of Kordsa Global, company achieved the highest quality product.

In year 2008 Kordsa Global separated, and local share holders owned 100% of shares.  The name changed to: “Kian Cord Tire Fabric Manufacturing Company”.

The product capacity increased to 6000 metric tons per year for twisting, weaving, and 900 mt dipping.



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